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July 11, 2008

Here's a few things I've been up to---

(Well, what you should be looking at here is that blanket under his head. It's not done yet... not even close.. and I have exactly two weeks to finish it.)

What could this be?

Do you know yet?

It's a SPINNING WHEEL! I'm in love! It's a Babe's Fiber Garden Production Double Treadle Spinning Wheel. And it's amazing, and sorta shiny, and full of happy!

I've spun at least two pounds of fiber since getting it two weeks ago. All if it is going to be sold at the Holt Farmers Market starting tomorrow under my little name of "Delicious yarns"! I'm freaking out about it, just a little. You know! I'll have my trusty Babe with me... I'm thinking it needs a name, other than "My Baby".
I'll take the camera with me and get some pictures of my booth and everything! Wish me luck!

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