Arts and Dannas

January 23, 2008

eh heh, heh heh... So I've been slacking. A lot. But I have good excuses, you see.
I moved. and then it was Christmas. and then it was new years. and then work and school started again.
That isn't to say i haven't made anything or done anything crafty, it just means that between no internet at the new house and not taking any pictures- teh blog suffers!

I've been making hats, as usual. I'm starting to follow patterns to get practice of new techniques.

Soley Granny Squares Hat: Can you believe this was actually the first time I had ever made a granny square? let me tell you it changed my life. I promptly made two hats with this pattern.

Divine Hat
: This hat was so quick to make, however I felt that the pattern ended up on the extra large side. Either that or the pattern creator crochets a LOT tighter than i do. I'm going to try again with some different yarn with not as many starting stitches and we'll see how it turns out.

Cable Hat: Again this hat was pretty quick to work up, but it ended up on the large side again even with some homebrew decreases. I will definitley make this hat again as it it squishy and warm and that's something i love about it!