Arts and Dannas

June 26, 2011

Sigh, i'm terrible at this thing.
A few things that happened since my last post:
  • My birthday! it was a low key thing with friends and i enjoyed it very much.
  • I finished a crochet blanket that i had started very shortly i had started crocheting, perhaps 5 years ago? Here it is on my full size bed.

  • I got overwhelmed with work, but still had time to dye things for a craft show with Flint Handmade on May 7th (pictures of the event here! {also a picture of me at my booth- i'm on the right})
  • I heard about many more craft shows in Flint and got overwhelmed with work again that I didn't respond in time for most of them. Boo.
  • I finished a pair of socks!

  • And I did a multitude of other things i have since forgotten.
As far as the future goes, I do have some exciting news. I'm moving to a new apartment in exactly 30 days, and i'll have my very own dedicated craft room! Well, that's not entirely true... I'll still have to share- but at least it wont have to fight for space in my bedroom or living room any more! In an attempt to make my life easier, I decided that i needed to organize and get rid of things before i could even think of packing. And in this spirit i've started uploading pictures of my stash on ravelry. I do have some yarn that I have for sale/trade if you're interested. Also in an effort to organize and reduce the stash i have more that i'm willing to trade, but i think i'll let my friends have first dibs of it.