Arts and Dannas

November 14, 2007

I made a little kitty a few weeks ago. my mom had just given me her old sewing machine and i was itching to do something with it, so i whipped out the black felt and sewed to my hearts desire. I sewed on his eyes after i had sewn most of the the main body together. I was getting really lazy and didn't want to hand sew anything i didn't have to. He's pretty lopsided but thats what makes it lovable right? The ironic thing- i found a teeny black kitten in my backyard the morning after i made this. It was a sign. Don't worry, the little stray kitten is now living with my roommates girlfriend, being well taken care of!

Felt kitteh

Real kitteh

And Bonus! Racheal with reall kitteh!

November 12, 2007

So, a few weeks ago I decided that I really needed to have a craft blog. I get caught up making so many things but never record them in any way- a blog would be perfect, separated from all that old day to day whine stuff on the ol' livejournal. I was checking to see if icemelon was taken, because it's pretty much my overall username now for a few years. Turns out it was taken! I was ready to chuck the whole blog thing out the window, I was so upset. Well... it was me... from 4 years ago. Just some teen angst posts of course. Those are gone now, but man. I had some serious forsight on that one ;)

So look forward to lots of posts about my crafty escapades! And there should be lots of pictures too, because hey. We all know people only look at blogs for the pics.

and to start, here's an oldie but a goodie.