Arts and Dannas

December 1, 2007

There are a few things I would love to do in the future, but for reasons such as time, money, experience, and materials, I don't feel like I can start on now. Not all of these have to do with crochet but they're sort of just general craft things to do.

  • Knit a sweater. Now this one obviously I'll need to learn how to knit- even if it is just the stitches required for the specific sweater I'll be making. This sweater over on Craftster seems like the perfect candidate. Plus many people have given tips and tricks. Materials for this one would be easy, because I already have lots of yarn to choose from.
  • Crochet a rag rug. This one will take time acquiring the materials. There is a tutorial here that lays it out really well. I've also been admiring the Flickr Pool of rag rugs. I already have an old fitted sheet lined up, but it will take a trip or two to the goodwill to find old sheets to make up the bulk of the rug. This will also take quite some time to finish up, depending on the size of rug I end up making.
  • Crochet scrap blanket. Now this doesn't really have to be anything special, but it's the material part that's the hard part. I have a bag going that has leftover yarn in it, but there's not enough in there to really make anything big with. I have been pulling scraps out though to work into hats recently, so this might take some time to work back up.
  • Sew a fancy dress. So this sort of comes from my family history. My mom made her own wedding dress and I'm pretty sure my grandma did too. I think that would be the coolest thing, to have made my own wedding dress. Although in reality it might not happen, sewing a dressy dress from scratch would be the same sort of thing. And I'd be able to find a reason to wear it at least once! This sort of goes along with the whole 'craft your wedding' but the only reason these come into mind is because it seems like everyone is getting married!
  • Make a quilt. Now this is a big project. Takes lots of time, fabric, and work! I think i could do it someday though. maybe when i have a sewing machine that can actually handle it.
I'm pretty sure there's more craft related things that I'd love to do, but i can't think of any more big ones at the moment.