Arts and Dannas

September 26, 2013

Sometimes life is like a bin of wool

I'm not sure I've shared this yet, but I actually have some pretty big news! I'll be vending at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on October 26th-27th, at the Washtenaw County Fair Grounds. Here's a link for some more info:

I've been finding time to dye here and there, but no full on dye days yet. I'm trying some new techniques and will have a swath of new repeatable(!) colorways. My favorite so far is called "Pony Up!" and is very pink with some other colors reminiscent of those plastic pony toys that we all know and love. I've got a little sneak peek of the new colorways, can you guess which one is "Pony Up!"?

Apologies for the cell phone pic, but can't be giving all my secrets away, right? ;)