Arts and Dannas

October 9, 2009

Now that the weather has changed thoroughly from summer into fall (including rain that isn't quite rain but still manages to chill you to the bone), i've been wearing more handmade items. One of these happens to be some socks a friend knit for me out of my own handspun yarn.

These were probably finished sometime near the end of april, but in the summer i try to stay away from socks as humanly possible! (and even now that it's only 50F degrees, i'm still finding ways to not wear socks. Hello, slip-ons!) These are amazing... the quality of her work is something that i can only hope to get to with years of practice.

The yarn was from superwash merino roving which i dyed with acid dyes, and then spun into a dk/sport weight(ish) yarn. 2ply.
While this makes them super cuddly and soft and yummy, it also means they pill. A lot. I should take a picture of them today, it's a sharp contrast. New vs lived in. I still think i like the latter best.