Arts and Dannas

June 12, 2014

Summer is finally here! Leaves on the trees are fully grown in, and I'm trying to take full advantage of this new season. Spring semester kicked my butt, and I'm glad to have more time for myself again. I've also transitioned into a new position at work that has me working less hours, so I'm home more during the week. I'm actually quite glad for this, even though my paycheck is considerably less. My stress level was way up into the clouds before. 

Fiber Festival season has kicked off again, and I'm pleased to say that I've already participated in a few shows and have a few more lined up for the summer. For those of you that have visited me at a show this year, you've noticed that some hand spun yarn was labeled a little differently than the rest of the items in my booth. That's because my dear friend Chelsea has started a little business selling her own hand spun yarn, called Odd Bird Yarn Shop. This year I'm featuring her shop in my booth! She has an Etsy store here, and she has also been helping out at shows we're vending at. 

Here's a little taste of what she has for sale! 

Again, here's the link to her shop, Odd Bird Yarn Shop. I hope you'll take the time to visit her Etsy. Her yarns are so gorgeous and she takes such care while spinning them.