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June 23, 2008

You guys lucked out, because there's no one online worth babbling this to!

Over on Ravelry (a knit and crochet community) There is a thread going titled, "Crochet is Better Than Knitting." Usually these end up flame wars, and I was hesitant to actually click the link and read through pages of knit-bashing. (There's nothing wrong with knitting- and nothing wrong with crochet either!!) Ravelry seems to be a little bit more knit-based, simply because the 'public' forums are awash with knitters talking about projects, needles, yarns, etc. Seems the crocheters either get lost in this mess or are simply not as vocal. (Typal?) However this group called Crochet Liberation Front- where the thread is- is totally devoted to crocheting and the love of crochet.

Anyways, I was reading through the thread and was pleased to find that it was just people saying why they prefer crochet to knitting- one being you can stop mid-stitch no damage done, another being that a quick pull of the fabric made will erase mistakes, easier to make something 3d, and so on.

And then I saw this post by Grieney:
"Because I can make a stitch any-damn-where I please."

And for those of you in the know- that's a hell yea right there!
It made me laugh :)

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  1. Ok. I saw your post on Geekologie about the crocheted doll- REPRESENT! :)