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October 19, 2013

One week before the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo and I'm in full prep mode. Which of course means I'm stressing out, mainly about if I'll have enough yarn to sell. Which led me to buying about 10lbs more yarn for dyeing. Which is actually a good thing, because now besides just hand dyed sock yarn for sale, I'll also have hand dyed worsted weight as well. This means hats, mittens, and scarves (and possibly sweaters??) to knit with my hand dyed, oh my!
On the downside, I tend to stress myself sick. This time it manifested itself as hives. Thankfully they aren't very itchy, which means I can still get work done without having to take too much benadryl. I'm so sensitive to benadryl it's not even funny - I took ONE benadryl today and was out cold for about four hours. I went to a redi-care to see a doctor and hopefully the hives will subside within 24 hours.
(I'd show you a picture of my hives, but, ew. Nobody needs to see that!)

Now just to remind myself that relaxation is a big part of show prep!!

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