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April 3, 2012


Well, my birthday has come and passed this year (Again? When can I stop having these and just stay the same age?) and I was planning on some awesome Etsy coupon code for my shop but that didn't happen. I have to say though, it wasn't entirely my fault... I happened to be visiting NYC at the time. It was a good time, even with the miles of walking each day. Yes, we used the subway too but it certainly wasn't always the best way to get somewhere. I visited the mecca of all yarn stores (in my opinion, anyway) Purl Soho, along with Lion Brand Studio and The Yarn Co. So many amazing yarns I finally got to see in person! Not that my LYS doesn't have unique and exotic yarn brands, but of course they can't carry everything at once.

Besides my lovely vacation, I've been putting some work into my Etsy shop. I've listed at least 15 new rovings and have been working on new items to join the shop soon. I even have some duplicate colorways, a new thing for me. Right now I only have 5 colorways that I have more than 4oz available,  but I plan for more in the future. Also I will be working on colorways that I can repeat - I will indicate in my listings which ones are repeatable and which ones are one of a kind.

And yes, I even have another thing up my sleeve... I'm planning a craft show. My very first! Not a super large one, but there will be 6-7 vendors participating. If you are going to be in the Mid Michigan area on May 12th, take note! I will have more information soon including items for sale, address and time. Keep your eyes peeled!

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