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March 17, 2009

Updates? What are those?
It was my, two weeks ago. I guess that was going to be my excuse last week, but then I failed.
I've been dyeing lots of wool though, and I've managed to complete a project that wasn't a hat.
First, the project. Loosely based on these, (rav link) I used mini mochi and a smallish hook and just sort of ... made them. Ugh, I'm so bad at that... i see something I like and I think, hey, I could totally pull that off. And then i don't buy the pattern, and i feel sorta bad for just makin myself stuff.

I'm only showing you this picture because damn, don't my hands look good? I'm pretty sure my hands never look that good in real life.
I don't know why people have a beef with mini mochi! I'm pretty much in love with it, except that i really don't like thin yarn very much. So that means when Crystal Palace rolls out Mochi 5, a worsted weight, I will probably go crazy and get every skein I can find of it.

Ooooorrr maybe not, because i'm poor.
Anyway, more details here, another rav link.

I also updated my shop with a few more rovings. And you know what? you should buy them. Becuase i'm poor. but more reason than that- they're awesome and soft and wonderful and the colors are amazing. That, and I just bought a rediculous amount of new stuff to dye and well. Lets just leave it at rediculous, ok?

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