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March 25, 2009

Six pounds!

That's how much wool came in the mail a few days ago! I got a mix of Falkland, Blue Faced Leicester, and Merino roving. So far I've only dyed about a pound of it, with big plans for the rest. Look for a major shop update sometime in the next week or so- I've been working a lot lately at my day job so unfortunately sometimes I have to push the Etsy love back a bit.

However, I did manage to finish some yummy yarns last week!

First was Some roving I grabbed from Shunklies Etsy shop just before my birthday. Merino and silk, so nice and soft! There were a few different purples blended together, which after spinning came together to make one soft purple. I decided to preserve that soft and squishy feeling of the roving i'd spin a nice bulky yarn. In the end I plied it from a center pull ball, which resulted in the bulkiest softest yarn ever!

The other yarn is a SOCK WEIGHT. Yes, let that sink in for a minute. It's 4oz, about 330 yards. My first sock yarn ever! It's superwash too, which is pretty awesome! I showed it to my friend whom also spins (and knits!) and she graciously offered to knit me a pair of socks from it. My very first sock yarn into my very first pair of handknit socks! The roving we actually dyed together and i really had my doubts... my mom saw it and dubbed it "the dried blood roving". So, not so pleasant but the colors actually came out really soft and dark purple-pinkish. This yarn certaintly isn't totally sock weight by any stretch, with some thicker and thinner parts, but overall it's balanced and enough yardage to get a pair of socks :)

I'll let you know when i'm ready to do an etsy update! My shop is going to be packed full of new rovings!

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