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January 23, 2009

Things on my to-do list today included taking a shower and not being a bum.

Considering it's almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I haven't done either, that's pretty bad.

but I'd like to think I have a really good excuse! Well alright, not a really good excuse. Probably not even a pretty crappy excuse. I blame the weather:

It's been like this for weeks now. It's been above freezing all of three days this month, and probably only for a few hours at that. That isn't to say that it's been snowing non-stop, it's just that the snow hasn't melted yet. Which means there's probably a good foot of snow on the ground that just wont go away! It doesn't help that it really hasn't been very sunny either. Ehh, don't get me wrong, Michigan is fine, winter is fine, but the no sun bit sort of grinds on me.

In better spirited news, I bought a huge 8oz thing of Northern Lights in Violets, and spun it all up last week. I made a ripple cowl out of one skein. I really didn't check out a pattern, I just sort of made a starting chain and went from there. I'm glad it didn't turn out massive or tiny, and holy crap is it soft! I really was not expecting to get something that soft out of the roving, which I felt was a little scratchy and sort of low quality... But that isn't to say I wont buy it again. I was left with another skein of 2 ply, and a single.

That's pretty much all I've been up to in the fiber world.
Classes started again last week, and I've only got two classes this time around. Hopefully I'll be less stressed knowing that I'm almost done at LCC, and these classes seem like they're really straightforward and fairly easy. Time will tell though, I guess. I get pretty bad by the end of the semester with homework and things like actually going to class. We'll see!

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