Arts and Dannas

January 26, 2009

I don't know how i forgot about this yarn i spun last week. It's a blend of baby alpaca, carbonized bamboo, merino and lots of angelina sparkle. i made the rolags on my hand carders and didn't stop until i ran out the stuff i had out for blending. the alpaca and merino were dyed by me with a mix of plain food coloring and professional acid dyes. acid dyes are scary! i mean, the fact that i have to wear a protective mask when mixing the powders? scary!
Then again, i'm used to working with food coloring, which at best stains your fingers for a day or two. ah well.

Back to the yarn!

weighing in just under 3 oz, it's about 70 some yards of navajo plied squishy goodness! seriously, seriously soft stuff here. I think i might just keep it for myself... as long as i can find a pattern that fits it! Otherwise i don't know if i can justify letting it sit with no use, it's seriously that awesome.

Does anyone have any ideas for this super soft and squishy and sparkly and other S-adjectives yarn?


  1. oh man that looks so soft and sparkly!

  2. beautiful! make me a scarf!! bday present for shannon!!! hahaha. you better remember WHEN my birthday is. haha
    --Shannon Meske