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January 5, 2009

I just finished this hat for a friend of a friend.
I made it using Jo-ann's sensations Natural Collection, Dream Weave in Purple.

Simple ear flap hat, with braids and pom-poms. No real pattern, but because I've made so many hats I just sort of go for it. I pretty much only bought the yarn because I thought it was the color she'd want. She said bright purple wool yarn- but the only yarn I could find that matched this was this stuff. And it was sort of expensive (for me) even though it was on sale for just under $5. I had seen this yarn before though and really liked the feel of it- And realistically though, who can beat a yarn that's 75% wool, 25% silk for that price?

I doubled up on the yarn, holding two strands together for a thicker fabric. I knew I needed over 100 yards to complete the hat itself without the flaps, braids, and poms so that was at least two balls right there. I decided on five because it seemed most logical at the time. Two for the majority of the hat, two more for the rest and flaps, and the fifth just in case I didn't have enough for the poms. Well, I ended up using just under three balls of yarn. Which is fine, but I'm also slightly annoyed that I spent that extra almost $10 on yarn that I didn't need. (which again would be fine, except that I'm not making as much money at my new day job...)

In any case, this hat is very warm. I wore it around the house for a few minutes after taking pictures and I didn't want to take it off! I hope she enjoys it, and maybe I can make myself a hat with the extra- perhaps minus the pom-poms.

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