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November 10, 2014

This summer was  ... full? I tried to make the most of it, but then of course life had other plans. I still got to enjoy time outdoors but it's never as much as I want. I did some travelling - mainly to vend at fiber shows, but I did manage to get away just for me once or twice.

I'm not sure I've ever actually mentioned it before on here, but I'm getting married this coming June. We'd been together 7 years when it finally became "a thing". I say that mostly in jest, but when everyone just says "congratulations, finally!" it sort of gets old. We had actually been talking about getting married for several years, it was just a matter of timing. He's not one to dive right in to life changes. I definitely respect it.
We decided that maybe it was time to look for a house to buy. We both lean towards homebody tenancies, so having a space with which we can do what we like was a dream. We only looked at two houses in person (trust me when I say I had looked at every single available house within our parameters online) and we put an offer in on the 2nd. They accepted our offer and now we are on our road to home ownership. We actually have the appointment to close on the house in 4 days. Talk about diving into life changes! We actually joke and say "lolwhoops bought a house!".

But what's cool about all of these life changes is that I actually get to set up an honest dye studio. Ok, maybe half an honest dye studio, but a space just for me all the same! I'm exited, but also wary of the work that will go into it. I've decided to offer a coupon code for items currently in stock in my Etsy  shop for two reasons - I'll be able to clear out some old stock to make room for the new goodies that will be coming in, and also I'm planning on using the money from Etsy sales to help pay for the new studio set up. So what that means for you! Use code "BIGMOVE" at checkout to receive 30% (yes, 30%!) off your purchase at Icemelon's Stash!

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