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July 31, 2013

The Wine & Wool Festival was amazing. I met so many new fiber friends and had a blast hanging out with everyone in my booth. Even though at first the weather wasn't being kind to everyone setting up in the morning, it soon gave way to a nice breeze and sunlight. The forcasted rain held out until the event was over, 4pm on the nose. I was very thankful I was able to get most things packed away before we had to take down the canopy.
Wine, wool, and treats. What could be better?

That's my mom and her boyfriend in my booth, about to get in trouble for messing with my spinning wheel!
After such a positive experience at the fest, I decided to take a closer look at what I was doing with Icemelon's Stash. Even though I've been selling on Etsy for the past 5 years (seriously has it been that long?) and doing craft shows here and there for almost as long, my business has just been what seems to me an afterthought. I've been scared to take the next step with my business, and that's exactly what I've decided to do.
All I have left to do is tidy up some loose ends, and I'm going to have have a grand re-opening bash for Icemelon's Stash. (Catchy rhyme, how fancy!) Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from me about upcoming shows and more info about my grand re-opening bash! I tend to post more frequently on twitter (sometimes with secret coupon codes!) so if you haven't already, go ahead and follow me over there.

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