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February 8, 2011

Between getting more hours at work and then changing jobs (and working even more at the new one) and moving into a new apartment (and never bothering to get internet), I've sort of let things get pushed into the background. Since I started knitting last year I've never really looked back. I still haven't tackled any very large projects, but I did sort of stumble into sock knitting.
These are socks I made for the boyfriend for Christmas. It sort of took me a year to finish these, because they were meant for his birthday earlier last year. I'd like to think that because he had to wait so long to get them it made him appreciate them more!
I think for the future if i'm going to knit something for a present, I should just assume it wont be done at the nearest holiday. I say this because i'm still trying to finish projects meant for this past xmas.. nearing two months ago.

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