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February 2, 2009

Needless to say, I always feel like I'm a few days behind.
Which, brings me to my next statement: These pictures are more than a few days old.
This is my Christmas Cactus, which always seems more like a valentines cactus if you ask me. The nubs are a bit bigger now, but nothing has started to open yet.

I did manage to dye a couple of ounces of roving this past week as well, using Easter egg dyes. I had bought them maybe last year, already out of season, if you will. I was with a friend sort of half teaching her how to dye and we were discussing how old these must be, so It really came to no surprise when we plopped them into their cups and-
"oh, my, what IS that color supposed to be?"
"Brown? No, maybe it was supposed to be purple, but wait, that can't be right?"
And so started the dyeing session! We dyed the last of my wool mill ends, which was only an ounce or two, into this weird blueish brownish color pool.
I also had four ounces of Blue Faced Leicester which we dyed a more pretty blue and pink.

Yeah, it's a pretty crappy picture but they were still drying. The BFL is on the left, and the mill ends are on the right. I'm still trying to decide how to spin these up... 2-ply, bulky single, or a fun art yarn with lots of extras?
I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that it'll take a few days...

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